Our Approach

Thoughtful and flexible

A centralised investment process guides our investment managers but we remain flexible to tailor plans to each client’s individual needs and circumstances.

Our comprehensive in-house investment management service has full control of all functions shown below, delivering the high-level service you expect, covering:


At the core of our service is our research department. We aim to identify undervalued investment opportunities or those that offer growth at a reasonable price; a dual strategy to give you optimum results over the medium to long-term.

Independently owned

We are not burdened by a rigid ‘corporate’ view, we form our own opinions (which may be contrary to prevailing consensus).

Our ideas are put forward to our investment managers, who then consider the suitability for their clients, within the context of an agreed investment objective and risk profile.

Risk management

The output of our research department is available to our clients. Managed clients further benefit from our portfolio construction framework, which focuses upon risk management through active and continuous daily management of their portfolio. Our process remains flexible enough to manage bespoke portfolios for clients with particular investment requirements.