Interest in Everton FC Shares remains high

Following Everton FC’s written confirmation to shareholders, detailing the proposed issue of new shares that allows Mr Moshiri/Blue Heaven to swap debt for equity, Neil Blankstone, Director of Blankstone Sington, who facilitate the matching of buyers and sellers in the shares said: “In the light of a recent letter from Everton FC to shareholders, detailing the proposed resolutions that will affect the club’s share capital, we will be working with the Everton FC Shareholders Association to seek clarification with regards to the shares that are being held back and the level of other loans that may remain outstanding. 

However, given the continued assurances from the club that they are keen to continue their positive relationship with minority shareholders, we will continue to offer our services and match buyers with sellers. With all the recent announcements, including the huge investment in the club by Mr Moshiri, recent progress in the club’s plans for a new stadium, and good on pitch performance, we anticipate that interest will remain very high. 

The last price at which we matched willing buyer and seller was £3500 per share” 

Everton shareholders who have queries related to this matter are asked to email or see the Everton Shareholders Association website for more information.