Model Portfolio Service

Our Model Portfolio Service has been designed to achieve what we believe is the core objective of all investors: an attractive level of risk-adjusted returns over the long term. It is for those who want access to our proven track record of performance and expertise in investing but who do not have sufficient funds to qualify for our Bespoke Investment Management Service.

Investing in our Model Portfolio Service (MPS) is secured with as little as an initial deposit of £5,000. The Service is not a simplified or robo-advice service, but operates in a similar way to that of our Bespoke Investment Management Service, whereby we accept responsibility for the daily management of the portfolio, but only once we have completed considerable due diligence on your behalf to assess the suitability of the service and investment strategy. The service utilises all of our available asset classes but invests only in Unit Trusts, OEICs, Investment Trusts, Structured Products and Exchange Traded Funds/Commodities

There are 4 investment strategies:

Cautious – We aim to produce investment returns above a traditional bank or building society account, offering a low risk to capital. Neither capital nor income can be guaranteed. Investors in this strategy are not willing to lose much capital; they are willing to accept only a small amount of risk in order to achieve modest returns. Volatility of the portfolio is expected to be low.

Income – We aim to produce investment returns primarily in the form of income, with some potential for capital growth. Investors in this strategy are willing to take some risk to achieve a reasonable return. They understand that this higher level of risk increases the amount by which their investments can rise and fall in value. However, they would be uncomfortable with a significant amount of volatility in the value of the portfolio.

Balanced – We aim to produce investment returns to beat inflation , through a mixture of income and capital growth. Investors in this strategy are looking for a balanced return and accept a higher degree of risk, with the aim that, over the longer term, this will result in higher returns. They accept a higher degree of volatility of capital values.

Growth – We aim to produce investment returns primarily in the form of capital growth. Any income is supplementary to the primary requirement and is not guaranteed. Investors in this strategy are comfortable with investment risk and aim for higher long term returns. They understand that this can mean periods of falling values and higher levels of volatility without the reward of a return in the form of much income.
The service involves:

A contractual obligation to analyse and monitor the Model Portfolios in line with our set criteria on a continuous basis and take decisions on the purchase and sale of investments accordingly using our discretion to implement those changes (by arranging the relevant transactions) without reference to you.

The service offered:

Quarterly reports will be provided incorporating:

A measure of performance against the relevant benchmark
General economic/market commentary
Schedule of changes and brief rationale behind the changes
Detailed breakdown of charges incurred
The registration and custody of your investments in the name of our Nominee Company – Oakwood Nominees Limited – or held to our order with another Nominee.
A comprehensive report of all cash movements on your account to include interest/dividends received
Remittance of Income (if required)
Consolidated Income Tax Certificate at the Tax-Year End
Annual Capital Gains (CGT) report
Our remuneration is clear and transparent, with an annual management charge (subject to VAT) based upon the value of the funds under management (with no minimum fee and no transaction charges). Our Scale of Charges is available to download.

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