Trading & Administration

Full in-house control to process deals and transactions rapidly

As members of the London Stock Exchange we have direct access to market platforms ensuring the accuracy of trades undertaken. For registration purposes we have our own Nominee company, Oakwood Nominees Limited, which is a member of the CREST settlement system, and we are authorised to hold investments in Safe Custody.

In regards to collective investment funds we utilise the Cofunds Institutional Service to streamline this administrative process.

To avoid delays in the settlement of transactions, we can hold money on your behalf, pending investment. We place your money on deposit, via trust accounts, thus giving you instant access to your funds. Whilst awaiting investment, your money earns gross interest at competitive rates (variable and available on request). All client money is held in specifically designated accounts and separately from our own in accordance with the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Our client valuation reports and tax information are produced directly from our office meaning timely communication with our clients and respective intermediaries. The frequency of reports is subject to the agreed service level.